About Six-Second Superhero-ing

Go from timid customer to boldly avenging grocery bill errors. Go from victim of recess cookie theft to head of playground snack security. With Six-Second Superhero your best, boldest and spandexiest self is running the show.  No longer confined to office pants and plain old leg walking, you’re ready to soar to above average heights.

Hit the streets armed with truth, justice and tips on hot tub safety.  Leap tall benches, climb cubicle divider walls, and boldly report swear words to the bus driver. When you’re a Six-Second Superhero anything is possible. After all, you’ve got good on your side and a full colour printout scotch-taped to your chest.

About the Creators

Six-Second Superhero was invented by Lisa Chen-Wing and her sidekick Jill Goodbrand. Why isn’t important.  Lisa is a graphic designer and illustrator.  Through regression therapy, Jill has learned she was formerly an advertising copywriter. Both of these elegant ladies live in Vancouver with two husbands (one each), two daughters (both Lisa’s, but maternity tests are pending) and no dogs. Lisa teaches rollerblading to underprivileged seniors for free. Jill enjoys eating chips. Those who know them can’t believe their luck.

Email us at itsabirditsaplane{at}sixsecondsuperhero.com

  • There’ll be more every week. Probably. Maybe. (Seeing the future isn’t one of our superpowers.)