How to build your super costume, super fast.

1. Select logo from the list on the right.
2. Click on the image, then print.
3. Tape, pin, staple, sew, glue, weld, or dung plaster onto shirt of some kind.
4. Add bottoms. Never was there a better time for neoprene. Ditto for old jazz dancing pants.
5. Decide if underwear on the outside is right for you.*
6. Create a cape.**
7. Finish with mask if you like. See for instructions.
8. Begin kapow-ing the crap out of friends, co-workers and customs officials.

*If you want to be taken seriously, we highly recommend wearing your underwear over your pants. Visible gitch is the hallmark of a pro. For best results, avoid older light-coloured underwear and absorbent underwear.

**A silk pillowcase, old sheet, poncho, or hypothermia survival blanket will all work. Or just use your everyday cape.

  • There’ll be more every week. Probably. Maybe. (Seeing the future isn’t one of our superpowers.)